Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good…His love endures forever.


Thank you God for my eyesight when there are millions who are born blind and will never be able to see.

Thank you God that I can hear, I can talk, I can laugh.

Thank you God that I have never once experienced poverty.

Thank you God for all the wonderful clothes and food you have given me.

Thank you God for a roof over my head all the time.

Thank you God for your divine direction, without which I would have been lost. Thank you for guiding me and being there for me even when I did not seek your wisdom.

Thank you father for turning up for me in times of trouble which I bought on myself.

Thank you father for being a good friend.

Thank you father for all your miracles in my personal life, some of which are too intimate to share.

Thank you father for protecting me from my enemies, some of which are my near and dear ones 😦

Thank you father that though my father and mother forsake me, you will not (Psalm 27:10)


Thank you God for giving me so many chances.

Thank you father that you will restore my missed opportunities and my lost time.


God will receive you – http://preachbrotherbob.blogspot.co.uk/2012/08/jesus-receives-all-nations-and-families.html



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