Divine Friends – Part 1

Proverbs 3:5-6

Trust in the Lord with all your heart
    and lean not on your own understanding;
in all your ways submit to him,
    and he will make your paths straight.

Divine Friends = Friends picked by God for you for a specific purpose.

Let God Pick Your Friends…He can see into a man’s heart…Let Him Do The CIA work for you…


I don’t know how to begin this article. All I know for sure is that there is a heavy load of guilt and regret and pain inside me due to all the wrong choices I made – most of them, unknowingly. I had good intentions. Therefore, I thought as long as I have good intentions, I can choose whatever way I please and it will be a success and God will bless it. This is not true. Good intentions are not enough. You have to do God’s will God’s way. This does not mean that God is a control-freak and has a big ego. Nor does it mean God likes to see a big “God-Approved” stamp in every area of our life to inflate his ego. I have seen such individuals. So, I concluded that God must be like that. But, God isn’t like that at all.

 In this article, I want to talk about Divine Friends. 

I write this article based on my experiences.

I like Ferrero Rocher a lot. These are my favourite chocolates.

But, that doesn’t mean I need to be best friends with the guy who made them!

In the same way, I tried to be friends with every single person who came into my life – a family friend, a colleague, relatives, and the results were very painful.

One way God closes doors is by not opening them in the first place. There were 2 girls I met in 2006 (let’s call them “A” & “B”), who did not respond to my extreme friendliness.  I did not understand what was wrong. I hated rejection. I did not like people rejecting me. So, I pushed open these doors that God did not want me to open. I became even friendlier to them and forced them to be my friends. Dangerous Move! Friend A betrayed my trust and created a huge problem for me in my family before our 1st friend-anniversary.

In 2009, I decided in my heart to give her another chance as I had a feeling she changed. Before that decision in my heart could be turned into action, I found out from another friend that Friend A spoke a very bad lie about me. She also revealed one of my deepest secrets which I thought she would never tell anyone. All this happened, within one month of me deciding to re-friend her.

When this happened, I cursed God. I asked God why didn’t he stop my “fake friend” from lying about me and why didn’t he stop her from revealing my secrets. 

Now when I look back, I realize that my sweet-loving dearest Daddy God saw my pure heart and motives in giving that “fake friend” another chance. And God knew she did not deserve that chance and if I had re-established that friendship, I definitely would have suffered more heartache. That mere thought is scary.


I will write the rest in my next post..Stay tuned…



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