5 Big Love Lessons for 2013


I wrote a newsletter about this time of year, shortly after my husband was killed on July 25th 2010.  I hadn’t written anything in nearly six months to my friends and clients.  I kept wondering, what will I write about?  I finally decided.  I wanted to share the five big LOVE lessons I have learned from my experience of being in love and married to Keith and then having to start my life over without him.  This was before I started my blog.  Recently, several clients have requested that I post it in my blog.  So here goes, with some slight changes. (Yes, I am still learning.) At this time, I am in love with my boyfriend Patrick and I believe that these love lessons have helped my find this amazing man.

Each opportunity in life gives us an opportunity for growth. Sometimes the experience SUCKS rotten bananas, but painful experiences…

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