An Ugly Snowflake Quote

I read about this book in Victoria Osteen’s book – love your life..i shall get this book soon..sounds interesting…

Positive Cookie Attitudes (tm)

An Ugly Snowflake Quote, from the book by Micki McHay.  

And the Angel of Christmas looked at her and smiled, for she already knew what the ugly snowflake was going through and this is what she said…

Everybody wants to be original, everybody wants to be a shining star.  If you really want to be special you have to stay who you are…

And when others start poking fun at you, you have to stand tall and know that you are you.

Suddenly the ugly snowflake realized what the Angel of Christmas meant, and at that very moment, something began happening to her…it was as if she was being reborn.  She felt a freedom she had never known before.  She was no longer clumsy and awkward…she was SPECTACULAR!

From:  The Ugly Snowflake, by Micki McHay.  

Not  just a book for children.  See the above page for more information.  This wonderful work has been mentioned in…

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