Prayer can change things






Reclaimed by nature: A small tree has taken root on the floor and moss covers the mattress in one of the bedrooms

Clean up your past before you embark on your future adventures, or else it will eat you alive.

Praying for your past to get cleaned up is like switching on your hoover.


It cleanes up all the dust, dirt, and the ugly yucky sticky smelly sick stuff that has been residing in the pit of your stomach for years, maybe decades.


You cannot create a brand new future if you don’t first take out the vacuum cleaner, switch it on and start vacuuming all of your mess. 

Get Real With God. He saw what you did. Come clean before God. He heard you weeping.

Jesus knows everything about you. He is just waiting for you to know the truth about your past – so that together with him, you can begin the cleaning process.


Overturn the tables that he is telling you to, so that his temple (your body, mind and soul) will be clean and chaos-free.

Matthew 21:12-13

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