i found a treasure!

And the treasure’s name is Paulo Coelho. Right now I am reading his book ‘The Alchemist’.

I can see myself in Santiago, the shepherd boy..this book is leading me and guiding me and surprisingly, it is also healing me. It is also showing me how great I am. No, that wasn’t meant to be a joke. More people need to see their greatness and believe in their own goodness. If that happens, the world will Be a better place. And i believe, Coelho’s books are a boost to your self-confidence.
You don’t have to change the world sweetheart. That is not really possible. All you have to do is leave the world a better place. And for that, you need to follow your dreams. Listen to your heart and do what it says.
Pass on Coelho’s books. They have the capacity to heal the world. These books are full of wisdom.


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