Divine Friends – Part 3

Isolation can kill your destiny. Isolating yourself from people once you are in your promised land, can take you back to egypt. There is only one other thing that can have this same effect on you – being with the wrong people.

Isolation is better than being with the wrong people. But , don’t fool yourself – God will always bring the right people into your life. It might be that you are not recognizing them as they are not exactly packaged as you would like them to.

Victoria Osteen wrote about how when her son Jonathan needed a friend , God brought someone older in his life. Victoria was praying for a friend for her son and she assumed it would be someone who is of his age. But, God knows who to use to impart into our lives what we need, not what we ‘think’ we need.

Read Victoria’s book – ‘Love your life’ and also her blog -google her name and you will find it. Both are full of wisdom


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