I have Posted Divine Friends – Part 4 here: https://exploreredrose.wordpress.com/2014/06/24/1-mixed-fruit-juice-please/
Toxic people want to fight with you. They want you to fight back. They want you to retaliate to their threats and complaints and sob stories. Do not co-operate with them.

Your toxic friends (includes toxic family, toxic co-workers) want to fight you and everyone else in your life because they are not fighting for their dreams.

If you are married to a toxic spouse, consider praying about divorce – the bible verse about ‘do not divorce’ and ‘God hates divorce’ are for those marriages in which God is present. If God is not in your marriage, why would He tell you to stay in a GODLESS MARRIAGE?

Read bible verses about Jesus saying to pluck out your eye, hand or foot if they cause you to sin or stumble.

Toxic people are an obstacle – between you and God; between you and your dreams; between you and your ideal weight; between you and your ideal love story.

God cannot really bless you if you are in a close relationship with a toxic person. “That is a bold claim”, you might say.

Well, God revealed it to me through my experiences.

God revealed how my previously closerelationship with my toxic narcissistic mum delayed me finding my job and me meeting the guy God had picked for me.

That is how serious toxic relationships are to God.

Toxic people poison your mind – eventually slowly, you too become toxic.

Read Psalm 1.

TD Jakes used the above Psalm to say the point I made about toxic people polluting your mind.

You can’t change toxic people no matter how much you pray. Because they do not want to change.

A desert is always a desert, no matter how hard you pray for it to change into a sea.


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