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Divine Friends – Part 2

Once upon a time, there was a boat named Innocence. Deep inside her heart, she wanted to see new shores, she wanted to see the sea. She had never been out on sail. She had always been tied down.

One day, just while God untied her and while he was getting ready to shift Innocence into the sea, she met a friend called Shore, who also was untied by God.

Innocence looked up to Shore and admired her. They became close friends.

After years and years of their friendship, Shore was still living in the harbour and so was Innocence.

One day, God got tired of Innocence’s complaints as to how her life didn’t go according to her plans.

God told Innocence that the reason for that was her friend, Shore.

“Ha!” Innocence replied to God, unable to believe what she heard. Right then, God showed Innocence a vision of her friendship with Shore, the friend she thought was a God-sent.

God showed Innocence how Shore always talked about where they are and never about what could be. How Shore loved the harbour so much that she used to detail every thing to Innocence – even those things that Innocence didn’t even notice. Innocence, who liked listening to stories, kept listening to Shore. And Innocence didn’t register that Shore was slowly eroding her spirit and soul with fear and contempt and disgust towards the new; and love and loyalty towards the stale old.

In Divine Friends – Part 1, I talked about Friend B who I thought was a good friend, but whom God did not want me to be friends with.

I became friends with her in 2006 and I ended the friendship in 2013. I ended the friendship after 7 long years due to God’s warning. After the friendship ended, I thought it was God’s will that the friendship ended. But, I realized that it wasn’t even God’s will for me to begin this friendship. Even though, she was a nice church-going Christian like me.

God showed me how Friend B was never causing me to go backwards. But, at the same time, she did not allow me to go forward. She talked about the present so much that she kept me stuck. I want you, the reader to know that these series of posts about Divine Friends are not something that I am writing out of my imagination. They happened to me and the conclusions I draw in these posts are Revelations by the Holy Spirit directly to my heart. These Revelations did not come through a pastor, but through my heart.

I am tired of Christian posts about picking friends which says God wants you to be friends with nice Christian people. What rubbish! What does a nice Christian look like anyway?! Such posts imply that nice Christians won’t get you into trouble, or drugs or unwanted pregnancies as these nice Christians do not do any of these things. What if these nice Christians are bad for you?

I do not have diabetes. So, me eating one whole chocolate cake in one day isn’t going to kill me, even if I drink 2 cups of sweet coffee after. But, if you see me doing all this and copy me, your kidneys could stop working if you are in the final stages of your diabetes.

God might lead my husband (I am not married, by the way) to give me a box of chocolates that I like for my birthday or Valentine’s day. But, He isn’t going to lead your husband or wife to do the same if you are in the last stages of your diabetes. Because it could kill you!

We as Christians are taught evil people = people who get drunk, people who have sex before marriage, non-Christians.

But, this idea is false. Just because I don’t get drunk or don’t have sex before marriage and keep myself pure, it doesn’t mean I am not sinning if I watch Porn secretly in my bedroom.

My point is appearances are deceptive. Don’t pick someone as your friend just because they go to your church or small group, or they are your neighbour or relative.

Pray and ask for God’s wisdom before making someone a close friend.

                                                  Proverbs 23:23

                                             Invest in truth and wisdom,
                                             discipline and good sense,
                                           and don’t part with them.

Be careful the environment you choose for it will shape you; be careful the friends you choose for you will become like them.

God showed me how Friend B was using me to go out with her to town as she doesn’t like going out alone. She would not come out with me when I asked her even though I almost always said yes to her. However, every year for my birthday and Christmas, she used to get me good gifts. This unconsciously filled me with the idea that she must love me and she must be a good friend.
God showed that because she was in my life, I could not have a relationship with my brother, who lived in my house. Even though my brother was trying to have a relationship with me, I could not see his goodness and desire to be my friend because I was so obsessed with Friend B and was worshipping her in a way. This one right there is a lesson I learnt the hard way and which is not talked about in our Christian community. If you are in a wrong friendship, even if it is just one wrong door, atleast one right door that God has for you will be closed, automatically. It is not the devil. It is not a punishment from God. It just happens.
An interesting thing to note is that Friend B also wasn’t exactly loving towards her siblings. Even though her siblings who was younger than her wanted to be her friends, she treated them disdainfully. I too treated my brother the same way. See that? You copy the people you spend the most time with, without you even knowing it.
I shall continue this topic in my next posts. For the time being, watch Divine Connections by Joel Osteen in Youtube.
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Broken Heart


A quote I just coined – “There can be no restoration without healing”

When God Heals © By M.S.Lowndes FROM


When God comes to heal us,
It’s final and complete
There is nothing that is lacking
When He meets us in our need


Whether it be in our body
Or the hurt within our soul,
He will touch the point of need
And will truly make us whole


His healing is there for you
Just receive it from the Lord,
Believe upon the living word
That you can be restored


Wherever there is weakness,
He is the strength we need
And He will gently lead us through
And heal the heart that bleeds


Jesus came to restore us
To fullness in our God,
But Satan has come to devour
And to kill, destroy and rob


But Jesus won the victory
So we need not be afraid
But claim the victory that is ours
And no longer live enslaved


We need to rise up in our faith
And not depend on how we feel,
Keep on praying and standing firm,
For our God surely heals.

© By M.S.Lowndes






5 Tips for Getting Your Life Back on Track after a Wrong Turn


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